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New For 2013
Released 2009
Silver EVO
JIMS 135", 131" and 120" EVO Mount Fits 1991-1998 Touring, FXR/Dyna, and 1991-1999 Softail models.
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JIMS 135", 131" and 120" Twin Cam Fits 1999 and later Touring, Dyna models.
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JIMS 120" and 131" Twin Cam Fits 2000-2008 Softail models. 131" Softail Engines start shipping July 25.
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Every design element and every part of JIMS 135" Race Engine has been developed and optimized to produce a balanced, durable and very powerful racing engine. As it stands, unmodified, the JIMS 135" Race Engine delivers 135 ft/lbs torque and 130 Horsepower. It is strong enough to produce much, much more.

JIMS has concentrated development on building a solid foundation for further modifications. There is enough case material to support a bore size of 4.800", substantially thicker than a stock Twin Cam.


JIMS 135" Engine Specs
• 135ci / 2212cc / 2.2 Liter • JIMS Roller Rocker Arms
• 4 5/8 Stroke x 4 5/16 Bore • Billet Cam Support Plate
• Intake Valve 2.120" • CNC Ported Heads
• Exhaust Valve 1.625" • JIMS Forged Pistons
• Compression Ration 10.67:1 • Increased Press & Welded Flywheels
• ARP Cylinder Studs • Forged Rocker Support Plates
• ARP Case Bolts • Screamin' Eagle High Flow Oil Pump
• Timkin Bearing • Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioners
• Screamin' Eagle 268 Cams (.658" Lift)


What Does the 135 Fit?
2608-3530 - Black 135" - Use on 07 - Present Touring & 06 - Present Dyna
2608-3535 - Silver 135" - Use on 07 - Present Touring & 06 - Present Dyna
2208-3530 - Black 135" - Use on 99-06 Touring & 99-05 Dyna
2208-3535 - Silver 135" - Use on 99-06 Touring & 99-05 Dyna
2808-3530 - Black 135" - Use on Evo Mount, 91-99 FXST
2808-3535 - Silver 135" - Use on Evo Mount, 91-99 FXST


JIMS did their homework, built the parts, tested, refined them and tested some more. After thousands of miles and hundreds of dyno hours, the result....a JIMS 135" Race Engine. The JIMS 135" Race Engine was then sent to a renowned independent test lab and tested some more. It passed. It prevailed. it won.

JIMS proudly offers you the JIMS 135" Race Engine, the best foundation for racing possible.

Race use only. The JIMS 135" Race Engine is NOT a street legal engine, its a racing engine. JIMS has made every effort to produce an engine capable of high mileage. However, drag racing is and has always been our primary objective. Every detail including displacement, cylinder heads, cams, carburetor size and ignition maps have been designed, developed and combined for the single purpose of getting through the lights first.

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