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American Bagger

February 2014

Bonneville record holders Hiro Koiso and Jodi Perewitz featured in Drag Specialties Magazine - December 2013

Urban Bagger - December 2013

Cycle Source- January 2014

American Bagger - December 2013

American Bagger - November 2013

Cycle Sourc Home Mechanics Buyers guide- JIMS Lift Caddy - Oct 2013

Cycle Source - Oct 2013

AMD - October 2013

IronWorks - September 2013

Urban Bagger- JIMS Brake Bleeder Tool - Oct 2013

Urban Bagger - September 2013

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Club Harley Magazine -September 2013 - Force Flow feature and tech article.

EasyRiders- JIMS 135 - Aug 2013

EasyRiders - August 2013

AMD - August 2013

American Iron - August 2013

Cycle Source - August 2013

Cyril Huze Online - July 27, 2013

Cyril Huze Online - July 9, 2013

Cyril Huze Online - April 13, 2013

AMAZING TECH: INSTALLING THE JIMS FORCE FLOW FOR TWIN CAMS: Tech Installation Handled by Two Experts in Two Hemispheres Text and photos By Rogue and Doc Robinson
6/4/2013 - Full Article on Bikernet

Selling Products that Last a Lifetime by Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor for Power Sports Business- Full Article on
JIMS Transmission ReMan System Saves the Doctor's Trans Evo 5-Speed, made Six, and saved after 200,000 miles By Bandit and Dr. Hamster, with photos by Chad Frank 9/21/2011 - Full Article on Bikernet
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Nürnberg Validates JIMS 131-INCH Twin Cam Race Engine For Legal Use On European Roads - By Chad Frank 11/12/2012 - Full article on Bikernet
JIMS Double Barrel Pump Up - Full Article on Bikernet

Road Iron Magazine - 2013

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Reprinted with Permission of Hot Bike Magazine.