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Whether you’re just swapping cams or tackling a complete rebuild, these new JIMS® tools will give you peace of mind KNOWING your work is tested before the final assembly is through! In the past 40 years, JIMS has developed over 500 tools for use on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, all designed to let you build with confidence and precision. All JIMS manufactured tools are machined here in the USA and are guaranteed for life.

JIMS Force Flow
JIMS® Force Flow
Introducing the new patent pending JIMS ForceFlow Cylinder Head Cooler. Whether you are running a big inch performance engine or rolling stock in traffic on a hot summer day, your air cooled engine will heat up. Excessive heat and operating temperature can be an engines worst enemy. The patent pending JIMS ForceFlow literally forces the heat away from your engine by pushing high velocity air through the cylinder fin pack in a wide flow pattern, directed at the head gasket surface. Powered by a cooling fan that was designed to cool brakes in NASCAR, the JIMS ForceFlow can lower head temperatures up to 100 degrees! The ForceFlow can either be activated by a thermostat (included), or wired for a manual on/off switch. This unique design also relocates the horn inside the ForceFlow's streamlined housing, and gives the horn mount or "left side" of the bike a much needed new look. The ForceFlow comes with all necessary hardware and wiring, and is available in black, silver, polish, and chrome.
No. 5400 - Polished Cylinder Head Fan Kit.
No. 5401 - Black Cylinder Head Fan Kit.
No. 5402 - Silver Cylinder Head Fan Kit.
No. 5462- Chrome Cylinder Head Fan Kit.
No. 5447 - JIMS Engine Hardware Mounting Kit.
Fat 5 Overdrive Transmission
Fat 5 Overdrive Transmission
You want strong? JIMS® has strong! JIMS new Fat 5TM Overdrive is simply the strongest, toughest gearbox made...Period. JIMS took advantage of its new, more compact shifter technology to increase the width and strength of every gear. The width increase varies from 18% to 53%, depending on the loads each gear set must carry. Big power is more popular than ever. Large engines like the JIMS 120 deliver double the stock power and torque. When such power is linked to the ground through high torque clutches and big sticky tires, the peak loads on transmission gears rise far above what stock transmission gears were designed to endure.
Available as a complete transmission or as a superkit, isn't it time you check one out? For more information please download the JIMS
Hand Crafted Covers Hand Crafted Covers
Hand Crafted Covers
Many of JIMS Customers have asked for our welded covers to be finished in black, to match today's Dzblacked outdz models. We listened. This unique blend of precision machined aluminum with the individual styling of a Dzhand weldeddz cover, is now available in anodized black.
Part No. 6033 - Tappet Cover all 1999 - present twin cams.
Part No. 2396 - 2006-present Cruise Drive Trans Cover.
Part No. 2301 - 2001-present Cam Cover.
Part No. 2398 - Trans Side Cover for 1987-2006 5 Speed and after market 6.
Speed transmissions. (Not for use on FXR with mid-controls)
Pushrod Tube Covers
Pushrod Tube Covers
These billet pushrod covers are styled to give you a clean and smooth look. They feature a unique clip that looks like a complete tube while retaining the simple push-pull spring type function. Will work on any length cylinder utilizing spacer kits that are also available.
Part No. 3000 - Bright Dipped Anodized.
Part No. 3002 - Chrome.
Part No. 3001 - Polished.
Part No. 3003 - Black Anodized.
Part No. 3004 - Chrome.
Part No. 3005 - Polished.
JIMS® Shovelhead Tappet and Tappet Block Kit
JIMS® Shovelhead Tappet and Tappet Block Kit
Make your shovel come alive with JIMS Powerglide Tappets Kit! With this kit installed in either a big 106 inch shovel or in a stock 74 inch daily rider - you will now have all the same high performance hydraulic tappet function as JIMS hydraulic tappets for Evo or Twin Cams.
No. 1046 - (Chrome) Use on single cam only Big Twin 1966-1984.
No. 1046P - (Polish) Use on single cam only Big Twin 1966-1984.

Trick Out Your Bike Lift!

Check out the products we've come up with to make your life a little easier! Whether you're doing a big job on your bike or just giving it some TLC, these tools make daily use of your bike lift less of a hassle.

Bike Lift Wheel Guide
Bike Lift Wheel Guide
JIMS now offers a guide to help the front wheel track into the correct position. For use with a Handy lift or equivalent, this device becomes the DzBuddydz that is needed to safely lead the motorcycle into the lift's front wheel vice. It may also work with wheel chocks in trucks or trailers used to transport motorcycles.
No. 5505 - Bike Lift Wheel Guide.
JIMS® Lift Caddy
JIMS® Lift Caddy
This Unique product allows you to move your bike lift, with a bike on it, by yourself on a smooth floor. The Caddy is only activated when the lift is fully raised (not resting on any lock tabs). Once lowered to any lock tab, or floor, the wheels camber up securing the lift to the floor as if the Lift Caddy isn't even there. (The JIMS Lift Caddy will fit on "Handy" lifts, "Handy's" STANDARD No. 10740, - and any other lifts that incorporate a 2" wide cross member.
No. 776 - JIMS Lift Caddy.
Motorcycle Lift Tool and Lubricant Tray
Motorcycle Lift Tool and Lubricant Tray
Motorcycle lifts are typically just big enough to hold the bike and get it up to a convenient level to perform service. There is little space to keep tools, parts, fluids, chemicals, and sealants organized. Even with a rollaway tool box, the limited area on the lift base can become cluttered and disorganized. This durable powdercoated steel lift tray can keep parts and tools separated along with other necessary items. This patent-pending tray can easily be installed by simply drilling two 7/16" holes at the edge of your lift. Once the holes are drilled, the tray is conveniently removable so tools and lubricants can be brought back and forth to your workbench.
No. 5519 - Motorcycle Lift Tool and Lubricant Tray.

Hundreds of other tools are available from JIMS, Download our catalog for the complete collection.



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