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Whether you’re just swapping cams or tackling a complete rebuild, these new JIMS® tools will give you peace of mind KNOWING your work is tested before the final assembly is through! In the past 40 years, JIMS has developed over 500 tools for use on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, all designed to let you build with confidence and precision. All JIMS manufactured tools are machined here in the USA and are guaranteed for life.

JIMS Hardware Organizer
JIMS® Hardware Organizers
Tired of hunting through plastic bins looking for hardware? These patent pending JIMS hardware organizers will guarantee that all hardware is organized during powertrain teardown, storage, and final assembly. These time saving organizers include a specific stand for top end, cam chest, transmission, and primary. When combined, they all nest within each other taking up very little space and can easily fit in a deep drawer of a tool box. When preparing for final assembly, the stands can be turned on their side for easy loctite preparation. The surface is powdercoated in JIMS durable blue and includes silkscreened hardware position art with torque specifications.
No. 742 - Cam Chest - For Cam cover, cam support and tappet cover hardware, 1999 to present Twin Cam.
No. 743- Primary - For inner and outer primary cover hardware, 1980 to present Big Twin
No. 744 - Top End - For top end and rocker cover hardware, 1999 to present Twin Cam
No. 745 - Transmission - For Cruise Drive transmission hardware, 2007 to present Twin Cam
No. 742K - Complete Kit - Four piece hardware organizer kit listed above
Tappet Adjustment Tool
JIMS® Tappet Adjustment Tool
Tappet adjustments made easy by Hiro Koiso. This patent pending hand tool simplifies the way to verify proper tappet adjustment. After adjusting the tappet, simply insert the tip of this tool under the hydraulic unit retaining clip, above the pushrod seat. Similar to a "Go No-Go Gauge", if the tip doesn't fit between the clip and the pushrod seat OR if there is up and down end play, then the tappet is out of adjustment. Only when the tip fits nicely with no end play is the tappet properly adjusted.
No. 746 - Use on most hydraulic tappets, OEM and aftermarket, for Twin Cam or Evo. (Does not work on Solids, JIMS Hydrosolids or other limited travel tappets.
JIMS Vacuum Fed Fork Filling Too
JIMS® Vacuum Fed Fork Filling Tool
Changing the fork fluid on models with fairings can be intimidating and take hours. This patent pending tool will eliminate the need to remove the fairing on all touring bikes to change the fork oil. It's like magic. With this tool it should take about 30 minutes to perform the service compared to 2.2 hours. To drain the fluid, simply insert the tapered fitting into the drain hole and create a vacuum using a standard Mityvan hand pump. Once you reach approximately 23 lbs. of vacuum pressure, rotate the valve and instantly the vacuum will draw the pre-measured amount of fork fluid into the fork tube. This tool is designed to be used in conjunction with a Mityvac tool, which is available separately.
No. 740 - Use on all common damper tube type fork assemblies. (Not for use on motorcycles using cartridge type forks or inverted fork assemblies.
Reverse Brake Bleeder Tool
JIMS® Reverse Brake Bleeding Tool by Phoenix Systems
This patented brake bleeding technology makes servicing and bleeding the brake lines a snap! It's simple physics, air rises. This tool will push the fluid from the caliper to the master cylinder. There's no guess work, you can easily watch the master cylinder reservoir for all of the air bubble to be removed from the brake system. Once there are no more air bubbles rising in the master cylinder - the brake lines are properly bled.
No. 738 - Use on all hydraulic brake systems. note, some ABS systems will still need a Digital Technician for proper service work.
Mityvac Hand Vacuum Pump Kit
This quality brand and well known Mityvac vacuum pump is required for use with the JIMS Vacuum Fed Fork Filling Tool. Hook up is simple and this hand pump can be used for many applications like brake bleeding, fluid transfers, vacuum diagnostics, etc...
No. 741 - Mityvac Hand Vacuum Pump kit
Exhaust Pipe Retaining Ring Installation Tool
JIMS® Exhaust Pipe Retaining Ring Installation Tool
Sometimes it's the simple tools that make the daily difference. This patent pending installation tool quickly and easily intalls the exhaust pipe retaining ring on almost all H-D© exhaust systems. No more "flying & eye popping" retaining rings...this tool makes it easy to install the H-D No.65325-83a ring in seconds without scratching the exhaust pipe or twisting the ring.
747 - Use on all Twin Cam, Evo, and all 1986 to present Sportsters.
5 and 6-Speed Countershaft Closed End Bearing Remover & Installer Tool
JIMS® 5 and 6-Speed Countershaft Closed End Bearing Remover & Installer Tool
This new JIMS exlusive and patent pending tool will install or remove the closed end countershaft bearing on all 5-Speed, or 6-Speed transmissions without using a press or tapping it in with a transmission shaft. This is a precise hand tool designed to install the bearing squarely and to the proper depth, the JIMS way.
No. 739 - Use on all H-D Cruise Drive 6 Speeds, or 5-Speed Twin Cam, and Evo's including 6-Speed right side drive and aftermarket 6-Speeds.
Needle Sharp Multimeter Probe Kit
JIMS® Needle Sharp Multimeter Probe Kit
On today's motorcycles, no longer are there only a small handful of wires to diagnose a problem. Today's harnesses and fairings are filled with hundreds of multiple gauge wires and connectors. This new kit has an assortment of needle sharp probes for precise and non-damaging diagnostic work. Pins can be used with standard 4mm banana plug connections common with most multimeters. The selection includes: Straight, 45°, and 90° probes for hard to reach terminals as well as standard alligator clips. Similar kits on the market cost twice as much! All probes are fully insulated with 30v protection.
No. 737 - 17 Pc Needle Sharp probe kit

JIMS® Featured Tools

JIMS® Lift Caddy
Lift Caddy  This unique new product allows you to move your bike lift, with a bike on it, by yourself on a smooth floor. The sturdy steel design incorporates two low profile 2“ wide heavy duty casters that can rotate 360 degrees, and is capable of handling today’s heavy 900 lbs+ motorcycles. Even better, the Caddy is only activated when the lift is fully raised (not resting on any lock tabs). Once lowered to any lock tab, or the floor, the wheels camber upsecuring the lift to the floor as if the lift caddy isn’t even there. In short, the lift only moves when you want it toand is secure when you are working on the motorcycle,
as well as when loading and unloading. For more details see No.776-IS instructions.
No. 776 - JIMS LIFT CADDY” will fit on “Handy®” lifts, “Handy’s®” STANDARD No.10740,- and other lifts that incorporate a 2” wide cross member.
Twin Cam Timken Case Bearing Conversion Tool
JIMS® Twin Cam Timken Case Bearing Conversion Tool
This tool is a must for the big cubic inch late model Twin Cam® engine builder. It may also be used to replace bearing for
stock 88”, 96”, or 103” engines. Utilizing the special JIMS® precision insert, it is designed to easily and accurately convert
the left side crankshaft roller bearing (H-D® No.24604-00D) to the more durable Timken® Bearing (H-D® No.9028). This
insert is manufactured from aerospace quality steel that is several times stronger than the aluminum case material the standard
bearing rides in. For more details see No. 959-IS and 2246-IS instructions. The Tool Includes:
• A new steel bearing insert held to under .0002” total indicator reading. See No.956
• A press plate No.959-2 that will hold the bearing insert in line with the case bearing bore at the time it is being pressed into case.
• All the necessary drill bits to drill oil feed and return holes, hardware, and detailed instructions.
• This job can be performed with normal hand tools, a hand drill, and a 2 ton press.
No. 959 - Use on Twin Cam® engines 2003-present. Order Timken® bearings separately. For replacement insert sleeves see No.956.
Touring Model Steering Head Stem Nut Wrench 
JIMS® Touring Model Steering Head Stem Nut Wrench
This tool was submitted to us by Hiro Koiso a hands on flat rate technician, experienced engine builder and a JIMS sponsored Bonneville
record holder in numerous classes. Hiro came to us with a great flat rate time saver stem nut tool for use on Touring Model Harleys. Normally to get access to the top stem nut you would need to remove the radio package. With this tool you are able to loosen, tighten and torque to spec. the 1-1/2” stem nut without radio removal and ultimately saving you 45 minutes for an experienced mechanic! For more details see No.977-IS instructions.
No. 977 - Use on 1996 to present FLHT and 1994 to present FLHR
JIMS® Mini Valve Spring Tester 0 to 1000 P.S.I. Gauge
Use this tool in either a bench vice, arbor, hydraulic screw press or a drill press. Tool fits any dual rate or conical valve spring with an O.D. no larger then 1.6” diameter. Precision gauge comes with a protective rubber boot. For more details see No.1090-IS instructions.
No. 1090 - Use on any duel rate or conical valve spring with a O.D. no larger then 1.6” diameter.
JIMS® Flywheel Runout (Trueness) Inspection Gauge
Check flywheel runout of the pinion shaft while assembled in engine case. Also checks the amount of gear lash on gear driven cams used in some twin cam engines. By using a JIMS tire rotator No. 936 you can remove most all of the stress being applied to the flywheel by not rotating the engine with the electric starter motor. For more details see No.785-IS instructions.
No. 785 -- Use on 1970 to present Big Twin, Shovels, EVO and Twin
JIMS® Ignition Switch Housing Alignment Tool
This tool will easily align the ignition switch housing as the retaining screws are being torqued. This gives the ignition switch knob the alignment it needs to help extend the life of the ignition switch housing. For more details see No. 943-IS instructions..
No. 943 - Use on all FL Touring models 2003 to present that have a H-D No.61530-03B.

Hundreds of other tools are available from JIMS, Download our catalog for the complete collection.



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