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Fat 5™ tranny

Fat 5™ Super Kit

Fat 5 Super Kit

You want strong? JIMS® has strong! JIMS® new Fat 5™ Overdrive is simply the strongest, toughest gearbox made...Period. JIMS® took advantage of its new, more compact shifter technology to increase the width and strength of every gear. The width increase varies from 18% to 53%, depending on the loads each gear set must carry. Big power is more popular than ever. Large engines like the JIMS® 120 deliver double the stock power and torque. When such power is linked to the ground through high torque clutches and big sticky tires, the peak loads on transmission gears rise far above what stock transmission gears were designed to endure.

Available as a complete transmission or as a superkit, isn't it time you check one out? For more information please download the JIMS® Catalog here!



6-Speed Overdrive Super Kits


Reduce vibration that creates wear and enjoy a relaxing cruise with JIMS® Overdrive 6-speed transmission. Our Overdrive 6th gear (.86:1 ratio) lowers engine rpm by almost 475 at 75mph. In addition, 1st gear is a 2.94:1 close ratio that widens your bike’s speed range in 1st gear and lessens the rpm drop when shifting into second. You can enjoy having a gear for every situation, from putting in traffic to open road cruising. Combined with the convenience of well-spaced gearing is the renowned strength and reliability of JIMS® race-proven, American made gears and shafts.

Just like our popular 5-speed transmission super kits, our 6-speed kits are made with the same aerospace quality steel and precision machining. These kits are carefully assembled and ready to slip into your transmission case without removing it from your motorcycle. Detailed instructions and a JIMS® gasket set included. Use as a complete gear set. For more details see No. 8085-IS instructions.

All kits incorporate JIMS® PRECISION CUT™ gears.


Right Side Drive
Right Side Drive
Right Hand Drive done the right way! JIMS Right Side Drive 6 speed transmission has the most innovative design, strength, quality and durability in the industry. It looks as good as it works too! A drop in for most major manufacturers frames, the JIMS Right Side Drive is sure to improve your bikes performance as well as its looks. For more information, download the JIMS® Product Catalog here today!


If you’ve ever used any of JIMS rebuild kits in the past, then you know the convenience and time saved by ordering just one part number that comes with all the necessary gaskets, seals, locks and bearings you will need to completely rebuild a transmission all at one time. One part number, one price and you’re done. For more Cruise Drive details see No. 1056-IS instructions or for Screamin Eagle details see No.1060-IS instructions.

No. 1056 - Use on 2007 - present FLH
No. 1067 - Use on 2006 - present FXD
No. 1068 - Use on 2007 - present FXST
No. 1060 - Use on 1990 - 2006 FLH
No. 1061 - Use on 1991 - 2005 FXD
No. 1062 - Use on 1990 - 2006 FXST


JIMS® Now offers a transmission rebuild service for Harley Davidson® and aftermarket transmissions. This includes your old 5-Speed all the way through the new Cruise Drive!

Transmission Rebuild Service

We all know times are tough. For some, that means keeping your "older" motorcycle running smoothly instead of upgrading to a new bike. That is where JIMS Transmission Rebuild Service comes in. You can send your old, tired transmission into JIMS for a complete overhaul: JIMS will completely disassemble your transmission, inspect all wear surfaces and replace all bearings, and seals. JIMS has built a reputation for manufacturing and assembling quality transmissions, including 5 and 6 speeds, Right Side Drives with bearing support, and the JIMS Fat 5™ overdrive. This expertise is now available as an affordable option by industry professionals. For more information, contact JIMS at sales@jimsusa.com