JIMS® MAPP Advertising Policy – 2016

Effective May 1, 2016, a Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP Policy or Mapp) on all JIMS® products will be in effect. International accounts must reflect pricing as translated into their local currency.

JIMS® is committed to offering the highest quality products that consumers demand by name. JIMS® owns our brand, logos, copyrights to materials in its catalogs and other intellectual property associated with our brand. Dealers are granted a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, nontransferable license to use our brand in connection with any print or internet advertising as long as they adhere to policies contained herein.

In order to protect the goodwill and images of our brand in the marketplace, and to insure that our dealers earn adequate profit margin on the sales of our products, JIMS® has established this Advertising MAPP Policy (“Policy”). This Policy is not designed to set or influence the price at which Dealers sell our products. Dealers are free to set prices at their own “Goodwill” discretion. However, JIMS® will diligently enforce this Policy.

Dealers shall not publish a retail advertised price through its Retail Advertising (defined below), that is discounted more than 10% below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (“MSRP”). Retail Advertising is defined as those public advertisements, notices or announcements outside of a dealer’s physical store, including, but not necessarily limited to, direct mail, faxes, coupons, email, print, radio, television, outdoor billboards and Internet media, websites, biogs and forums.

This Policy relates to all merchandise produced by JIMS®. Any products deemed as closeouts must be approved in advance by JIMS® before offering for sale at discounted pricing below the stated above limits.

General advertising on EBay or other internet auction sites is allowed as long as it is clear that the minimum acceptable bid/price is no less than 10% off of MSRP and that the EBay item is not being sold by JIMS®.

Dealers should not include statements or options related to JIMS® products, which may lead consumers to perceive the offer of prices below 10% off MSRP. Statements such as “call for price”, “email to get the lowest price”, “guaranteed lowest price offer”, “best offer”, “place in shopping cart to see our lowest price”, “at least 10% off”, or other similar statements should not be used. Statements that cover a dealer’s entire product offering, and contain reference to discounts more than 10% off MSRP, should be footnoted to exclude JIMS® products.

No packages should be advertised which mix JIMS® products with products not covered under this policy, where the items not covered are deeply discounted below their normal advertised prices, whereby the result is to effectively discount the JIMS® product below 10% off their MSRP.

Dealers may report any identified or suspected violations directly to the JIMS® Sales Department, who will forward the information for verification and enforcement where applicable.

Limitations on Sales: The Dealer shall only sell JIMS® products at the Dealer’s retail store, Dealers mail order catalog, Dealer’s internet site, or at retail booths operated by the Dealer at motorcyclist events such as races, rallies, and trade shows.

A Dealer shall not sell JIMS® products to persons or entities that intend to resell the product/s.