JIMS® Technical Department


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Instruction Sheet #DescriptionNotes
604Twin Cam Rocker Box Alignment Screws
721Manifold Spacer Kits – EFI Twin Cam Stroker EnginesParts: 720, 721, 725
742JIMS Hardware OrganizersParts: 742K, 742, 743, 744, 745
746Tappet Adjustment Tool
747Exhaust Pipe Retaining Installation Tool
750Inline Spark Tester by Lisle
752Remote Starter Switch
753Mighty Bite Flywheel Lock Tool
754OEM Rivets for Saddlebag or Tour Pak Latches & Hinges Tool
755Softail, Dyna & V-Rod Oxygen Sensor Wrench
756Softail Oxygen Sensor Socket
764Twin Cam Engine & Transmission Plug Kit
765Tappet Pump & Test StandParts: 765, 766
767Transmission Case Shifter Shaft Seal Installer ToolParts: 767, 768
772Piston Oil Jet Tester
776JIMS Lift Caddy
777JIMS AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) Diagnostic Sniffer
778FXD Ignition Switch / Fork Lock Tool
779Beta Engine Hydraulic Balancer Retaining Tool
780Beta Engine Interconnect Seal Leak Testing Tool
782Dual Gauge Leakdown Tester
784Oxygen (O2) Sensor Wrench – Use on 2010 Touring Models
785Flywheel Runout (Trueness) Inspection Gauge
786Cruise Drive (Late H-D 6 Speed Trans) Main Case Seal Installer
787Inner Cam Bearing Installer
788Exhaust Seal Installer Tool
789Twin Cam Case Saver Oversize Tappet Reamer
727KCompression Release Valves
729Inner Primary Housing Bearing and Seal Remover & Installer Tool
738JIMS Reverse Brake Bleeding Tool by Phoenix Systems
7395 & 6 Speed Countershaft Bearing Remover & Installer Tool
740JIMS Vacuum Fed Fork Filling Tool
890JIMS Right Side Drive Transmission with Mechanical Clutch Gasket & Seal Kit
891JIMS Right Side Drive Transmission with Hydraulic Clutch Gasket & Seal Kit
892Fat 5 Transmissions Gasket & Seal Kit
893Screamin’ Eagle 6-Speed Transmission & Gear Set Kits
899Surface Temperature Indicating Strips
900Harley-Davidson Cruise Drive 6-Speed Main Drive Gear & Bearing Remover & Installer Tool
901Harley-Davidson Cruise Drive 6-Speed Main Drive Gear Removal Tool
901Twin Cam Engine Stand
906Rear Axle Nut Torque Adapter
908Angled Feeler Gauge
911Harley-Davidson Cruise Drive 6-Speed Trap Door Bearing Remover / Installer Tool
9132014 Wheel Bearing Puller Support Plate and Hub Protector
915Balancer Shaft & Bearing Installation Tool
916Beta Softail Case Support Block Tool
917Pushrod Cover Clip Remover & Installer Tool
920Fork Oil Level Adjustment Tool by Motion Pro
922Adjustable Torque Wrench Adapter Tool by Motion Pro
923Belt Tension Gauge by Motion Pro
926Jumbo Chain Tool by Motion Pro
927Cable Luber by Motion Pro
928Wheel Alignment Tool by Motion Pro
930JIMS Big Bore Cylinder Torque PlatesParts: 930, 951
931Torque Plates for Custom Chrome Rev-Tech Motors
934Oil Filter Cutting Stand
936The Tire Rotator
9377mm Guide Remover & Installer Handle Tool
9387mm Valve Guide Installer Tool
940End Play Gauge Indicator Tool
942Ignition Switch Connector Remover Tool
943Ignition Switch Alignment ToolParts: 943, 944
947Rear Wheel Compensator Bearing Remover & Installer
948Valve Guide Seal Installer Tool
949Shoulderless Valve Guide Installer Tool
9387mm Valve Guide Installer Tool
950Rear Axle Alignment Tool
952Balancer Shaft Alignment Gauge Tool
953Cylinder Compression Tester
954Fuel Pump Access Retainer Remover 2008 – Present FL
955EFI Fuel Pressure Gauge Tool
956JIMS Bearing Insert Kit
957Balancer Bearing Service Tool Kit
959Twin Cam Timken Case Bearing Conversion ToolParts: 956, 959
960Balancer Shaft Remover Tool
963Bearing & Race Puller Tool
964Power Train Alignment Tool
965Starter Ring Rivet Drill Fixture Tool
966Starter Jackshaft Seal Remover & Installer Tool
967Inner Primary Cover Bearing & Seal Remover & Installer Tool
968Gasket Locator Tool
9703rd Hand Axle Locker Tool
971Clutch Bearing Assembly Service Tool
972Main Drive Gear Seal Installer
973Timken Bearing or Roller Bearing Inner Race Installer Adapter Kit
974Vice Mount Sprocket Shaft Flywheel Holder
975Twin Cam Engine Rotator
976Big Twin Engine Rotator
977Touring Model Stem Nut Wrench
9816-Speed Main Drive Gear Installer
9846-Speed Trans Door Remover Tool
9856-Speed Shift Fork Shafts Remover Tool
9866-Speed Main Drive Gear Bearing & Seal Installer
9876-Speed Main Drive Case Bearing Installer
989Mainshaft Pulley Nut Socket
990Cam Assembly Tool
993Inner Cam Bearing Puller
995Engine Case Splitter
998Right Side Drive Door Puller
1000Evo Cylinder Stud Jig Assembly
1001Valve Guide Driver Set
1003Rod Race Tool
1004Clutch Hub Puller Plate
1005Main Drive Gear Bushing Tool
1006“Taller” Big Twin Engine Stand
1007XL Engine Stand
1008-TS4 & 5-Speed Transmission Stand
1008-55-Speed Transmission Stand
1010Rod Alignment Tool
1011Cam Bushing Installer & Drilling JigFor Bushing 25581-36 & 25597-36
1012Cam Bushing Installer & Drilling JigFor Big Twin Bushing 25581-70
1013Pinion Bushing Installer & Drilling Jig
10145-Speed Transmission Door Bearing Remover & Installer
1015-37TBPinion Shaft Bushing Installer & Drilling JigFor Bushing 25591-37
1016-37TBPinion Shaft Bushing Installer & Drilling JigFor Bushing 25593-37 & 25593-57
1017-37TBCam Bushing Installer & Drilling Jig
1018-37TBPinion Shaft Bushing Installer & Drilling Jig
1022Twin Cam 88 Engine Stand
1023Line Reamer Cam Cover Big Twins
1034Sprocket Shaft Holder
1035Transmission Rebuild Kits
1041Cam Cover Holding Tool
1042Late Style Sealed Wheel Bearing Puller / Installer
1044Timken Bearing Remover
1045Roller Rocket Arm Set
1046Shovelhead Valve Train Kit
1047-TPCrank Disassembly Removal Tool
1048Hard Cap For Tool No. 1047-TP
1050Transmission Stud Installer Tool
1051Piston Pin Bushing Tool
1052Oil Pump Snap Ring Installer
1053Oil Pump Seal Installer
1055Valve Guide Gauges – Holder Only
1056H-D Cruise Drive 6-Speed Rebuild KitParts: 1056, 1067, 1068
1060Screamin’ Eagle 6-Speed Rebuild Kit
1073Cylinder Torque Plates
1075Evo Cylinder Stud Installer Tool
1076Evo Cylinder Stud Installer Tool
1077Fat5 5-Speed Transmission Trap Door Bearing Remover & Installer
10871/4″ to 5/16″ Hose Repair Kit
1090JIMS New & Improved Mini Valve Spring Tester 0 to 1000 P.S.I. Gauge
1093Evo Tappet Blocks “Pro-Lite”Parts: 1093B, 1093BK
1094Evo Billet Tappet BlocksParts: 1094, 1092
1095Pan & Shovel Tappet Blocks
1111Cam & Pinion Gear Gauge Pins
1130V-Rod Clutch Alignment Tool
1134JIMS Rolling Buddy
1138JIMS Modular Engine Stands
1146Twin Cam Beta Motor Case Bearing Remover & Installer
1147Alternator Rotor Remover
1162Brake Caliper Piston Remover
1163Balancer Shaft Retention Pins
1164Piston Support Plate
1167Balancer Shaft Bearing Remover & Installer
1169Compression Release Valve Installation Tool
1177Twin Cam or Evo Engine Case Boring Tool
1208-1302Clutch & Oil Cooler Recommendation Information
1208-1350Cam Cover Holding ToolParts: 1208-1316, 1308-1316
1235Piston Ring Expander Tool
1236Piston Ring Compression Set
1255Piston Ring Filer
1275Pinion Bearing Remover & Installer
1276Wrist Pin Remover
1277Cam Shaft Remover & Installer
1278Inner Cam Bearing Installer
1279Inner Cam Bearing Puller
1280Cam Bearing Puller Tool
1281Crankshaft Bushing Remover & Installer
1283Cam Chain Tensioner Unloader
1284Connecting Rod Holder Tool
1285Cam & Crank Sprocket Lock Tool
1288Crankshaft Guide
12895-Speed Transmission Stand
1290JIMS Cam Gear Installer
1308-1350131″ Big Bore Kit
1361JIMS Evolution Camshaft
1385JIMS Twin Cam 88 Alpha & Beta Billet Rocker Boxes
1390JIMS Cam Gear Remover
1410 & 1411Zipper’s Twin Cam Cam Relief Tool
1414Fork Stem Bearing Remover
1419Tappet Block Clearancing Cutter
1437A Cut Above Billet Engine MountParts: 1437, 1438, 1439, 1440, 1441, 1442
1457 & 1458Center Through Bolt Kit & Top Center Case Bolt Spot Facer Tool
1530JIMS Forged Aluminum Pistons
1551Twin Cam Big Bore KitsParts: 1501, 1501B, 1519 – 1528, 1548 – 1551
1606JIMS Forged Piston Sets
1610JIMS 120″, 131″ & 135″ Engine Piston Sets
1658Shifter Shaft Sleeve Remover & Installer Tool
1664Shifter Shaft Bushing Removal & Installation Tool
1665Sportster & Buell Crankshaft Locking Tool
1667V-Rod Clutch Hub Holder
1668Twin Cam 88 “B” Engine Stand
1672Crankcase Bearing Remover & Installer 2003-Present
1673Crankcase Bearing Remover & Installer Firebolt/Lightnin 2003-Present
1674V-Rod Clutch Hub Holder
1700Transmission Mainshaft Starter Gear Puller
1705Exhaust Stud Drill Plate
1706Breather Hole Reamer
1707Spreading Tool
1708Mega Nut – Use On All 5-Speeds
1709Timken Bearing Remover
1710Timken Bearing Snap Ring Installer & Remover
1711JIMS Fully C.N.C. Machined Polished Billet Oil PumpsParts: 1711E, 1711E, 1711L, 1711EB, 1711LB
1719 & 1744Oversize Oil Pump Shaft
17205-Speed Main Bearing Remover
1721Cam Bushing Reamer
1725Steering Head Bearing Race Installer
1726Wrist Pin Reamers
1731Evo Roller Rocker Arm Set 1.745 Ratio
1732JIMS Shovelhead Roller Rockers Ratio of 1.50
1733Cruise Drive Mega Nut
1743Rear Swing Arm Assembly Tool
1745Timken Bearing Simulator
1746JIMS Axle Lockdown KitsParts: 1746, 1747, 1748
1752JIMS Fully C.N.C. Machined Polished Billet Oil Pumps AssemblyParts: 1752, 1753, 1754, 1755, 1752B, 1753B, 1754B, 1755B
1763Electrical Terminal Tool by Lisle
17646 in 1 Electrical Terminal Tool by Lisle
1765Ring Groove Cleaner by Lisle
1776Front Fork Compressor Tool
1777Extended Fork Compressor Adapter Tool
1800Big Twin Hydrosolid TappetParts: 1800, 1800-2, 1800-5
1802Twin Cam 88 Hydrosolid Tappet
1803Sportster Hydrosolid Tappets
1806Twin Cam 88 Powerglide Tappet
1807Powerglide II TappetParts: 1807, 1808, 1809, 1810, 1811
1820Hydrosolid II Tappet
1824Steady Roll TappetsParts: 1824, 1825, 1826
1827Steady Roll TappetsParts: 1827, 1828, 1829
1900Evolution Stroker Flywheel Assembly Kits
1905Stroker Piston Oiling Jet Kit
1932JIMS Twin Cam Flywheel Assemblies & Big Bore KitParts: 1881, 1882, 1883, 1884, 1886, 1888, 1937, 1938, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960
1972Carbureted Evo Press Flywheel Kits
18607Sportster Tappet GuideParts: 18607-57A, 18607-57AC
25258-80APolished Billet Cam Cover
2043Fork Nut Socket
2044Fork Seal Installer
204949mm Fork Seal Installer Tool
2051Damage Control KitsParts: 2051, 2052, 2053, 2054
2121Pin Extractor
2122Receptacle Extractor
2188Inner Cam Bearing Installation Tool
21895-Speed Transmission Shaft Installers
2220Gear Set (Close Ratio 2.94)
2232Steering Head Bearing Race Remover / Installation Tool
2233Tappet Screen Plug Remover
2234Primary Drive Locking Tool
2235Primary Cover Starter Shaft Bearing Remover
2237Pinion Gear Lock Tool
2240Head Holder (Valve Guide Remover & Installer)
2243Cam Seal Remover & Installer
224435mm Hex Top Fork Nut Socket 3/8″ Drive
2245Clutch Lock Plate
2246Sprocket Bearing Race Installation Tool
2249Inner Cam Bearing Size Checker
2250Pivot Bearing Remover and Installer
2251Fork Leg & Tube Holder
2256Main Drive Gear Seal Installer
2260Sprocket Locker Tool
2262Sportster & Buell Sprocket Locker Tool
2267JIMS Cruise Drive Vice Stand
22685-Speed Main Case Seal Installer
2272Power Glide Tappet, Standard O.D. is .8425″
2273Power Glide Tappet – STD O.D. is .9035″
2274Power Glide Tappet Block KitParts: 1029-53B, 1029-53C, 1029ACAB, 1029ACAB2, 1029ACAB5
2275Power Glide Tappet, STD O.D. is .731″
2280Cam Bearing & Bushing Alignment Tool
2281Cam Bushing Puller
22835 Speed Door Puller
2284Primary Locking BarsParts: 2315, 2316, 2317
2285Clutch Diaphragm Spring Compressing Tool
2286Oil Pump Drill Jig
2305Timken Bearing Remover
2306Inner Cam Bearing Remover
2307Rocker Bushing or Bearing Remover Tool
2308Pinion Bushing Remover Tool
2309Inner Cam Bearing Remover
2311JIMS Cam Cover Heat Sink
2312Primary Locking Bar
2318Primary Locking Bar
2324Sprocket Shaft Seal Installer
2326Billet Transmission Door
2329Mainshaft Fifth Gear / Main Drive Gear
2330Timken Bearing Remover
2331Mainshaft Fifth Gear / Main Drive GearPart: 8297
2332Mainshaft Fifth Gear / Main Drive GearPart: 8296
23335-Speed Big Twin (1980 – 84) Transmission Main Shaft
23345-Speed Big Twin (1985 – 89) Transmission Mainshaft
23355-Speed Big Twin (1991 – 2006) Transmission Mainshaft
2336JIMS Cruise Drive Wide Bearing Trap Door & Shift Fork Shafts Upgrade Kit
2341Head Holder Tool
2347Billet Transmission Door
2347-75C5-Speed Billet Transmission Door
2357Rocker Arm Bushing Installation Tool
2358Flywheel Socket Tools
2362External Lock Ring Plyers
2367Racing Tappet Guide
2368Piston Pin Keeper ToolParts: 96780-32A
2369Pushrod AdjustmentParts: 2369, 2404
2370Panhead & Shovelhead Hydraulic Unit
2371Billet Transmission Side Cover
2380Pro-Lite Worksavers Pushrods
2386Transmission Super KitsParts: 2385-7, 2386, 2386-7
2387Sprocket Shaft Seal Installer
2388Tool Driver SpacerParts: 33071-73, 94547-80A, 94547-80B
2400Power Glide Upgrade Kit
2411Super Power Glide Kit (Shovelhead)
2416Pro-Lite Worksavers Twin Cam Pushrods
2428Performance “Power Glide” Kit (Shovelhead)
2456-1Power Glide Tappet
2492JIMS Signature Series Titanium PushrodsParts: 2492, 2493, 2504
2504JIMS Signature Series Titanium PushrodsParts: 2492, 2493, 2504
25254Polished Billet Cam Cover
3001Pushrod Cover Set Twin Cam & Evo Big Twin
3200Piston Ring End Gap Tool For Twin Cam Pistons & JIMS Engines
33071Wheel Bearing Race Removers & Installer Tool
33416Race & Bearing Installing Tool Handle
33428Trans Main Drive Gear Bearing Installer Tool
33443Multi-Purpose Alignment Tool
34623Piston Pin Keeper Tool
34643Valve Guide Seal Installer
34731Shoulderless Valve Guides Installer
347345-Speed Main Drive Gear Bearing & Seal Installer
34740Evo or Twin Cam Valve Guide Tool Handle
34761Clutch Spring Tool For Sportster
34810Mainshaft Bearing Tool
34902Mainshaft Bearing Race Remover & Installer
35025-79BGear – Mainshaft First, Stock Ratio
35026Gear – Mainshaft Second, Countershaft Third
35027Gear – Mainshaft Third / Countershaft Second
35028Gear – Mainshaft Fourth
353165-Speed Main Drive Gear Installer
35622First Gear – Countershaft, Stock Gear Ratio
35625Fourth Gear – Countershaft
35626Gear – Countershaft Fifth
356321980 – 2006 5-Speed Big Twin Transmission Countershaft
35820Trans Gear Spacing Tool
37047Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installation Tool
37842Main Drive Gear Bearing Tool
38515Clutch Spring Compressor
39361Sprocket Shaft Seal Installer Tool
4000ARod AssemblyParts: 4000A, 4000B
4000Connecting Rods
4015JIMS Connecting Rods
520253mm, 58mm, 62mm EFI Ellipse Throttle Body & Manifold Kits, With or Without Electronic ComponentsParts: 5209, 5210, 5215, 5216, 5221, 5222, 704, 705, 706, 707
5275Air Cleaner Backing Plate KitParts: 5275, 2576, 2585, 2586, 2587, 2588
5400JIMS Forceflow Cylinder Head CoolerParts: 5400, 5401, 5402, 5462
5447JIMS Forceflow Cylinder Cooler Hardware Mounting Kit
5454Forceflow Warranty Card & Owner InformationParts: 5400, 5401, 5402, 5462
5457JIMS Forceflow Cylinder Head Cooler Hardware Mounting Kit
5460Forceflow Cylinder Head Cooler Fan Motor & Blade Replacement Kit
5464Isolator Mount
5468 & 5469JIMS Forceflow Cylinder Head Cooler
5500JIMS Onboard Diagnostic Voltmeter
5501Battery Lifter
5502JIMS Clutch Adjusting Tool
5503JIMS Master Cylinder Brake Bleeding SolutionParts: 5503, 5507, 5508, 5509, 5510, 5511
5504JIMS Tappet Position Holding Tool
5505JIMS Wheel Guide
5515Neck Bearing Race Installer Tool
5516XL Sprocket Nut Socket
5517JIMS Shifter Sleeve Remover & Installer
5518Shifter Pedal Shaft Bushing Removal & Installation Tool
5519JIMS Bike Lift Tool Tray
5520Primary Locking Bar
5525JIMS Solid Adjustable Tappet Kit with Chromoly Pushrods
5530Remove Fuel Supply for Fuel Injected Models
5532Vacuum Bleeder Jar for Hydraulic Tappets
5800Flywheel Puller Tool For Indian Scout & Victory Octane
5801Water Pump Seals Installer Tool for Indian Scout & Victory Octane
5802Fork Tools for Indian Scout & Victory Octane
5803Hub Protector For Sealed Wheel Bearing Removal & Installation Tool
5804Clutch Spring Compressor Adapter for Victory
5805JIMS Wrist Pin Remover Adapter
5806Inner Cam Bearing Remover & Installer
5808JIMS Valve Spring Compressor Adapter
5809JIMS Cylinder Hold Down Nuts
5810JIMS Main Bearing Seal Installer
5811JIMS Balancer Scissor Gear Alignment Screw
5812JIMS Alternator Rotor Remover & Installation Tool
5813JIMS Main Bearing Remover & Installation Tool
5816Countershaft 1st Scissor Gear Alignment Tool
5818JIMS Fuel Tank Wall Mount
5820JIMS Axle Installation Guide
5821JIMS Fork Cap Installation Tool
5822JIMS Swingarm Bearing Installer
5823JIMS Flywheel Locking Tool
5826JIMS Milwaukee Eight Engine Stand
5828JIMS Cylinder Head Holding Tool
5829Cylinder Torque Plates
5830Milwaukee Eight Main Seal Remover
5831Castle Nut Socket
5832M8 Balancer Bearing Removal
5833JIMS Milwaukee Eight Balancer Bearing Installer
5834Milwaukee Eight Softail Engine Stand
5835JIMS Milwaukee Eight “On Bike” Valve Spring Compressor
6037Billet Saddle Bag Latch Covers
6038JIMS Bike Pocket6038, 6039, 6040, 6050, 6051, 6052
7999Transmission CaseParts: 7999, 7999P, 7999B
8000JIMS 5-Speed TransmissionsParts: 8000, 8001, 8002, 8003, 8004
80155-Speed Clean Cut Gear Set
8028C65-Speed Clean Cut Gear SetParts: 8028C6, 8030C6, 8101, 8096, 8096P
80284 & 5-Speed Precision Cut Transmission
80585-Speed Pro Cut Transmission and Gear Set
8070Early To Late 5-Speed Shifter Upgrade Kit
8085JIMS 6-Speed Overdrive Super Kit and Complete 6-Speed Transmission with JIMS Precision Cut Gears
8100Precision Cut 4/5 Super Kit
8236JIMS Right Side Drive 6-Speed Overdrive
8273JIMS Fat 5-Speed OverdriveParts: 8273, 8274, 8275, 8277, 8279, 8280, 8282, 8283, 8284
8385JIMS Compensator LockParts: 8385, 8387
8960Inner Primary Bearing Upgrade Kit
94547Sprocket Shaft Bearing Race Remover
94555Gear Shaft Nut Sprocket Wrench
94557Compensating Sprocket Wrench – New 1/2″ Drive
94630Wheel Bearing Locknut Socket
94660Mainshaft Sprocket Nut Socket
94804Line Reamer For Rocker Bushing
94805Pinion Bushing Line Reamer
95560-57Transmission Access Cover Puller Tool
956604 & 5-Speed Transmission Main Seal ToolParts: 95660-42, 95660-77, 95660-85, 2346
95724Sportster Tappet Guide Puller
95960Clutch Hub Puller
95970Piston Pin Bushing Tool
96384-39Shift Fork Gauge
96384-78AShift Fork Gauge
96600-36BValve Spring Compressor ToolParts: 96600-36B, 988
96710-TLBig Twin Case Lap Tool
96740Rod Lapping Set
96780Wrist Pin Lock Ring Tool
96830Pinion Gear Installer & Puller
97081-54Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installer Tool
97178-71Clutch Spring Compressor
97225Sprocket Shaft Bearing Installation Tool
97235Sprocket Shaft Bearing Nut Wrench
97272Cam Bearing Installation Tool
97273-60Cam Bearing Install Tool